Why are you on this site?

Our website audience is smarter and faster than we think. Usually, when website redesigns are done, we think of giving the visitor the ideal user experience. It’s hit or miss depending on how much you know about your users. The feedback loop is more important than ever. We need to know exactly why users are visiting the site.

When we add unnecessary bells and whistles to a site, the user gets distracted from accomplishing their task(s).

One example is the parallax effect that you often see in website templates. I think they are an excellent tool for us to use if used in the right context.

I read this article the other day:

I think number 3 is the best point here, coming from someone who designs a utility app. I think that more and more users can be classified as super users.

3. Users are quicker, websites are simplifying

Today every young adult is an expert web user. And even the amateurs are acting like pros: using multiple tabs, and swiping to go back a page.

This is an unsubstantiated claim but I think users are more concerned with accomplishing their task rather than getting the experience you crafted for them.

This reminds me of why I keep coming back to designspiration.net.

I have a perfect experience everytime, and one that I feel like I crafted myself. I go to the website, start typing to search for holiday cards, print ads, digital ads, what have you. It returns with a few hundred images and I start drawing inspiration from those I like. I just accomplished my mission on the site in 10 seconds.

from designspiration.net

The “start typing to search” feature would make for a nice analytics item, too, answering questions like “why is a person on your site?”. More importantly, going back to the feedback loop, “Did you accomplish your task here?”

I would argue that this report can be, if not more, as insightful as looking at a Users Flow Report.

To conclude, I want all sites I visit to have this feature!

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VP, Product at Sezzle | Financially empowering the next generation

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